Artocarpus integrifólia

The Jack of Fruit Tree can reach up to 20 meters or higher; it stands quite straight and has a thick crown. Leaves are oval shaped, dark green, shinny, measuring from 12 to 20 centimeters.

Fruit grow directly from the trunks and thick branches of the tree. It is actually a compound fruit, which means it is formed by a group of many simple fruit intimately connected around a thickened central axle . It can be round, oval or elongated with a length that varies from 12 to 70 cm. The skin is rough, with short and pointy triangular projections, with a brownish yellow color when it is ripe. Each fruitcan contain up to 500 seeds, which are individually wrapped around by a sticky, yellow , sweet and very scented pulp with a soft or hard consistence.

Although it can grow spontaneously in many places of the world, including Brazil, the species is from Malasia and India.

Pulp is consumed au naturel or in preserves. Seeds can be consumed after being cooked or roasted and flour can be made from it and be used for biscuits and other food. It is very used in gardening because of its elegance.

Flowers usually bloom between the months of September and December and fruit grow from October to March.