Santa Gertrudes Farm's workers, besides finding in religion "an authentic expression of fun and leisure", obtained also, thanks to the owner, ways of city leisure such as shows and cinema sessions of high standards. On Christmas Eve, 1908, the artist Baptista, creator of the puppet "João Minhoca" (Johnny Earthworm) from são Paulo made presentations at the farm. Considered to be the first to perform puppet presentations in São Paulo, had very successfully made shows at the São Paulo's Jockey Club. In 1910 there was a gymnastics presentation by the Brazilian Group of Isidoro Lourenço and in 1912 presentations by the famous Pires Company. The latter year saw the installation of the first cinema projector inside the Bunker Silo and in 1914 the popular movie theater was opened and for many years it was the only one in the area and received people from other farms and towns. The sessions happened on Saturday nights and right after the exhibition benches would be removed and with the help of an accordionist a dance would start.